The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

Arrangement of Sections



  1. Short title and extent.
  2. Application of Act.
  3. Definitions.
  4. Over-riding effect of Act.
      Hindu Marriages
  5. Conditions for a Hindu marriage.
  6. Guardianship in marriage.
  7. Ceremonies for a Hindu marriage.
  8. Registration of Hindu marriages.
      Restitution of Conjugal Rights and Judicial Separation
  9. Restitution of conjugal rights.
  10. Judicial separation.
      Nullity of Marriage and Divorce
  11. Void marriages.
  12. Voidable marriages.
  13. Divorce.
  14. No petition for divorce to be presented within three years of marriage.
  15. Divorced persons when may marry again.
  16. Legitimacy of children of void and voidable marriages.
  17. Punishment of bigamy.
  18. Punishment for contravention of certain other conditions for a Hindu marriage.
      Jurisdiction and Procedure
  19. Court to which petition should be made.
  20. Contents and verification of petitions.
  21. Application of Act V of 1908.
  22. Proceedings may be in camera and may not be printed or published.
  23. Decree in proceedings.
  24. Maintenance pendente lite and expenses of proceedings.
  25. Permanent alimony and maintenance.
  26. Custody of children.
  27. Disposal of property.
  28. Enforcement of, and appeal from, decrees and orders.
      Savings and Repeals
  29. Savings.
  30. Repeals.